The aim of Mundman parikrama is to use the platform of adventure to run a mass awareness generation programme to arrest further degradation of Ganga, a river on which 40 % of Indian population depends for its survival . It aims to call upon the youth of India and its noble citizens to stand up and adopt stretches of Ganga with the slogan, “No more dumping of untreated sewage and industrial pollutants into my stretch of my lifeline, my Ganga . ”

There is no age limit .Thoose who want to walk with us need to be physically fit, those who want to be a part of the mass movement need a passion to be a Gandhian, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

While adequate arrangements for walkers night stay will be made in the mountains with tents and sleeping bags and in the plains with comforts of a bed, this is a mission and not a hospitality tour that can promise 5 star comforts .

We don’t levy fee, we seek your contribution towards a noble cause depending upon your commitment to the cause and your financial capability.

You may donate as little as Rs 500 and as much as wish to make this initiative successful.

Yes, there will be, including medical evacuation to take you to the nearest hospital, should your ailment so demand.

We are not charging a participation fee but a contribution towards a noble cause. However, if your donation is linked to your physical participation, which you are not able to confirm at a later stage due to certain circumstances, we will address your request for refund.

Physical walking is not mandatory to be a part of Atulya Ganga . Please refer“ come and be a part of the movement

There will be walking along the banks of Ganga, a test of human endurance, and there will be pollution mapping where we will identify every point of entry of untreated sewage and industrial pollutants into Ganga. We will hold 24 public meetings along the way to display our pollution map and to urge people to bring about an end to further degradation of Ganga.

Your self esteem will benefit . You will feel proud that you were part of a noble initiative to arrest the degradation of Ganga . If you are an adventure lover, “We promise you a story you can recount to your grandchildren one day

Yes you will not only receive certifications from us but also endorsed by important authorities.

Cleaning the Ganga will significantly reduce medical expenditure on treatment of contagious diseases, will help in building a healthy India, will have beneficial effect on farming, it will help in building greener environment.
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