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Atulya Ganga welcomes your support in every shape and size to carry out our undisputable mission to revive Great Ganga. We are a persistent team of ex-military men and have dedicated our entire life to serve our nation in every possible way. Perhaps, this time we are going beyond the imagination, we are looking forward to doing something incredible which would be fruitful for all the future generations.

Our mission is to clean Ganga and make it deity again, as it used to be before we fell into the race of materialistic pursuits. Ganga today is amongst the most polluted rivers in the world. For the most part of its basin the water is unsuited for any human activity. There are umpteen schemes that have failed to give us a Clean Ganga. One of the major sources of pollution to Ganga is the sewage and industrial waste being dumped indiscriminately by the settlements and commercial establishments on its banks.

Through our long journey on foot, Ganga Parikrama from Gomukh to Gangasagar and back, we are going to mark every polluting spot on each side of the River and through our long journey on foot, Ganga Parikrama from Gomukh to Gangasagar and back.

This is difficult but not impossible as long as we have your support. This is going to be our life long fight to get what we the people of India really deserve. For this we require financial resources, which would be allocated precisely for our strong purpose which is again a subject of national concern. It will definitely fuel up our morale, strength, and accountability to fulfill our promise.

ATULYA GANGA is a Walk and a Mass Movement that would bring to the people of India a sense of respect and pride for our Holy Mother- Ganga. We request you to raise your helping hands and donate for Atulya Ganga.

Let’s change the future, let’s do it now.

An initiative of this magnitude requires resources. We shall appreciate & be greatful for your support in generating the required resources.

Atulya Ganga Trust is a 12AA & 80G exempted entity that entitles you to a tax saving on 50% of your donations. Please contact us for your Tax Exemption Certificate on

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