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The original naration of the Battle of Saragarhi by Melvin D'Mello, which was broadcast in AIR in 1979. Couldn't have been done better . Salute the braves and cherish their memory. Never before and never after

राज्यपाल ने ‘अतुल्य गंगा परियोजना’ का आनलाइन शुभारम्भ किया

Times of Oman
Indian Army veterans plan 5,000 km trek to revive Ganga glory

Ahead of 71st Republic Day 100 Indian Army Veterans Quest for Atulya Ganga Mission

Atulya ganga Press Release Bihar
More than 100 army veterans Quest for Cleaner Ganga

Atulya ganga Press Release Bihar (Hindi)
भारतीय सेना के दिगज्जों ने अतुल्य गंगा का लिया प्रण, गौमुख से गंगासागर तक करेंगे मुण्डमन परिक्रमा

13-03-2020 Sabandh Daily

13-03-2020 Gujarat PRANAM

13-03-2020 Gujarat beli


For those who are unable to come to Delhi - please join this amazing veterans initiative online. Topic: Atulya Ganga Project : Vichaar Manthan Time: Sep 5, 2021 10:00 AM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 857 3058 4818




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