Complete Parikrama Completed

Record breaking, world’s longest walkathon for a cause. 5,530 Kms, continuous 190 days.

Core Team: Complete 2,500 Km Cyclothon completed: Continuous 28 days.
Other Walkers

Indu. Has visited 7 continents. Had to stop in Barh, a town in Bihar, after having walked 2500 kilometers with Atulya Ganga until 7th March 2021, when her leg got hurt. As advised by an orthopedic surgeon from the local hospital, she rested for a few days and thereafter walked 3145 kilometers solo. On 10th May 2021, she had to pause her walk at Anupshahar, a town in Uttar Pradesh, due to strict covid restrictions. Resumed her walk again on 8th August 2021 from Anupshahar and completed her walkathon in 218 days, on 29th October 2021 in Prayagraj, where it had begun.

Pollution mapping

Chief Mentor and Environmentalist

Environmental specialist

GIS Expert, International Sailor

Mapping wizard &Sailor

Polar Explorer, Artic & Antartic

Polar explorer

Chief Mentor Health

Guardian angel & Walker

Chief Mentor Training

Chief mentor training

Management Guru

Advisor Chief Consultant

Advisor Chief Consultant

Pillar of Support

Pillar of Strength & Walker

Founders of Atulya Ganga
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