Ganga Health Dashboard

Ganga Health Dashboard

The water quality index (WQI) has been worked out based on water sampling & testing at 224 places during parikrama of Maa Ganga in 2020-21 with Field test kit & various meters covering 12 parameters. The first year Pollution Report as part of Atulya Ganga Health Dashboard ( AGP pollution mapping report- click on report will lead you to the report) has been submitted to the Government of India ( Jalshakti dept & National Green Tribunal). The most polluted locations ( Hot Spots ) have been brought to the notice of The National Green Tribunal by Email (Email to chairman NGT – —click will lead you to the email ). The Pollution report along with Findings & Recommendations will be updated every year hereafter. This data will help in evaluating WQI, monitoring hot spots, resource allocation by Govt, and management of Riverine health on a regular basis end to end to ensure cleaner Ganga progressively,..

We acknowledge the assistance & help provided by Dr. Vijay Anand, professor IIT Ropar & Mr. Mohit Verma, EE PWSSB Punjab.

AGP Pollution mapping report

AGP Pollution Mapping Report

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