Ganga Health Dashboard

Ganga Health Dashboard

The water quality index (WQI) has been worked out based on water sampling & testing at 224 places during parikrama of Maa Ganga in 2020-21 with Field test kit & various meters covering 12 parameters. The first year Pollution Report as part of Atulya Ganga Health Dashboard (AGP pollution mapping report) has been submitted to the Government of India (Jal Shakti Dept & National Green Tribunal). The most polluted locations (Hot Spots in red colour) have been brought to the notice of The National Green Tribunal. The Pollution report along with Findings & Recommendations will be updated every year hereafter. This data will help in evaluating WQI, monitoring hot spots, resource allocation by Govt, and management of Riverine health on a regular basis from end to end to ensure cleaner Ganga progressively…

We acknowledge the assistance & help provided by Dr. Vijay Anand Loganathan, Professor IIT Ropar & Mr. Mohit Verma, PhD Scholar under him (EE PWSSB Punjab). We also acknowledge the devotion & dedication of Shri Rohit Nishad & Anshu Nishad who volunteered & painstakingly carried out Water sampling and field testing of Water samples during the entire walkathon last year.

Atulya Ganga Project (AGP) is a committed, apolitical, secular, non-discriminatory and non-hierarchical organization mainly of military veterans with Ganga as single point agenda. Our goal is to undertake regular activities such as walkathons, cyclothons, plantation drives to provide a unique platform for several path-breaking initiatives – such as water pollution mapping, awareness camps, geo-tagging items of interest like monuments, flora, fauna, and historical monuments along the entire river.

Our Role:

3rd party audit, Awareness, walkathon, cyclothon, pollution mapping, Environmental Impact Assessment every year for next ten(10) years

Our Objectives:

◉ To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid for social awareness to clean Ganga, its ancillaries, other Indian rivers or similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the general public.

◉ To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to programmers working towards stopping dumping of sewage and pollutants into Ganga, its ancillaries, and other Indian rivers.

◉ To promote Jan-Andolan, establish, support, maintain or grant aid to institutions for the promotion of environment awareness among the people in India, having similar objects for the benefit of the public in general.


◉ Submission of first year water pollution report giving findings and recommendations to Ministry of Jal Shakti and National Green Tribunal (NGT).

◉ Publication of research paper on Ganga Water Quality Index in Ecological Indicators Journal (ELSEVIER) in Oct 2022.

◉ Calculation of Water Quality Index (WQI) at 224 locations by a unique formula with help of IIT Rupnagar Punjab.

◉ The Excel Sheet Displaying WQI highlighting the hot spots (Red Colour WQI rank 5-10 spots) with heavily polluted & poor-quality (Grey Colour WQI Rank 4 -31 spots) water for the year 2020-21 is also displayed on the Atulya Ganga website.

◉ The water sampling & pollution mapping of R Ganga for this year is being conducted post monsoon in Nov – Dec 2022.

◉ This initiative will continue till 2031 every year scientifically covering the pre & post monsoon periods to arrive at a most authentic record on health status of the holy river.

◉ We hope to thus provide a model methodology for rejuvenation & restoration of all rivers in India / World.


HB Technical University Kanpur Test Report of Ganga Water Sample

Ganga Health Dashboard Report

AGP Pollution Mapping Report

Atulya Ganga Save Yamuna Cyclothon 2023
Ganga Health Dashboard