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Pollution mapping of Ganga: In association with IIT Delhi, we will map every point of entry of untreated sewage and industrial effluent into ganga, as we walk its entire span.. By the end of the parikrama we will have the first such pollution map.

Mass awareness generation campaign: Through contact programmes before start of the first mundman parikrama, as also during it, by holding large number of public meetings, we will calling upon the youth to participate in pollution mapping in the vicinity of their residence, and then own the stretch and stand as a sentinel, a sentry of Ganga , to monitor the progress of removal of pollution points through interaction with district officers of Indian government’s State Missions for Clean Ganga.

Monitoring the progress: Ours is not a onetime salvo. It is a 11 year project from 2020 to 2030. From 2021, year upon year, for the next decade, we will repeat the pollution mapping at the same points identified in 2020. This will directly expose the health of river – and help fixing accountability of Nation’s efforts.


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