A 4700 km epic journey on foot || Indian Army Veterans || First ever Mundman Parikrama of Ganga || Advocates for Aviral, Nirmal Ganga

Starts : 10 November 2020 Rishikesh
Finishes : 29 June 2021 Rishikesh
Distance : 4,900 kms
Days : 218+

Atulya Ganga is an organization formed by Army Veterans, who have taken upon themselves to clean Ganga and keeping Ganga clean, as we can witness day by day Ganga is degrading and after numerous efforts from different origination the problem still continues. Come August and these daring veterans will start from the holy river’s genesis ”Gomukh” to ”Gangasagar”, the point at which it merges into the sea in the Bay of Bengal, and then return to the starting point. Col Hem the leader of the expedition is a Sena medal recipients   and was the first one to lead an expedition in Antarctica for Indian Army. He also holds the record of bringing every team mate alive from every expedition he has lead in the past. Gopal Sharma was the lead climber for the Indian and is known as Hercules in almost all over Europe.

”Mundaman Parikrama” will take around seven months to complete, during which the veterans plan to hold public meetings to mobilise participation of more people living along the river towards the cause that has both environmental and religious significance

The team plans to hold more than 200 public meetings and two lakh school visits along the river course for creating mass awareness.
The team will undertake the Parikrama for at least 10 years. Records will be maintained to cross check on progress in pollution reduction in and around the river.

In another endeavor under ‘Atulya Ganga’, Colonel Manoj Keshwar (retd) will carry a baton on a trans-continental journey on a bike — from India Gate in Delhi to London — to create awareness for the cause of the Ganga River.

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