The Genesis of Atulya Ganga

Parikrama in full

A team lead by Veteran Mountaineers will undertake the Mundamal parikrama of Ganga. A 5,000 km walk along the banks of Ganga lasting over 7 months will start from Prayagraj starting 15 December 2020. The walkers will go  up to Gangasagar on the left bank cross over to the Bay of Bengal to the right bank, walk back to Prayagraj, go up to Gomukh, cross over the glacier to the left bank, move down and return to Prayagraj on 16 August 2021.

Gopal Baba walking alone thereafter, is set upon by goons in the state of Bihar, beaten unconscious to a pulp, and is dumped unconscious on the right bank of Ganga. On regaining consciousness, the Baba realizes the rule of not crossing Ganga has been broken. He abandons the parikrama.

To Gopal, the founder of Atulya Ganga, Gopal Baba’s attempt is an inspiration. The dream is born.

Hybernation of three and half decades

Caught up with his professional life, Gopal is not able to find time and resources to take up the challenge. Three decades pass. In 2015, his climbing partner, Lt Col Hem Lohumi, relocates to India from Africa. Together, Gopal and Hem try many avenues for five years.

Arrival of Mike and birth of Atulya Ganga, 24 January 2020

Maa Ganga, the deity, finally smiles. Gopal and Hem are joined by Mike, a resolute veteran who loves the impossible. Atulya Ganga Trust is formed. Without waiting any further, on 24th January 2020, they announce the intention to launch the parikrama on 14 August 2020. To add a noble cause to their Herculean adventure attempt, Atulya Ganga takes the pledge to dedicate the next eleven years to rejuvenation of Ganga. Volunteers are enrolled, training under Lt Gen S A Cruze begins.

Corona strikes. Launch is delayed but not cancelled

The first wave of Corona strikes. Whole nation runs for cover. Resources dry up. The launch is delayed. The resolute trio dig their heels, and the parikrama is flagged off from Prayagraj on 16 December 2020 by The Governor of U. P., Her Excellency Mrs. Anandiben Patel.

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