What We Learnt

What We Learnt

In these 190 days of Ganga Parikrama, walking both banks of Ganga, we have touched over 10 million people on Ganga belt. This is what we learnt.

  • Gangatva :
  • Ganga has some magical self-cleaning properties. These enable Ganga to clean itself considerably, within 10-15 km of flow. This is what makes the River unique from the rest of the world.

  • Glass Waste dumped into Ganga, along with plastic –
  • is the next big problem that Ganga would face in coming years.

  • State of Pollution –
  • Team measured pollution at 224 points and geo-tagged 329 Sewage Nallas, 201 seasonal Nallas on 2500 km span of Ganga. Government schemes have made some difference to Pollution – but local population believes – it is too little, too late. Local municipal corporations have a major task at hand.

  • Homeless Ganga –
  • Ganga has no demarcated land of itself or its flood plains. Encroachment for various reasons is common practice.

  • Silt Mountains of Bihar –
  • A major disaster is waiting to happen in Bihar, due to massive silt deposits that Ganga is unable to push to Bay of Bengal.

  • Ganga Flow is dying –
  • Sad sight of 1-2 feet Water levels are visible in many stretches of Ganga, which conveys a pessimistic story of a dying river. – Death by Development – Insensitive and unsustainable development is seen along the entire length of the Ganga. In the coming years this will completely consume Ganga. We have to rethink dams and barrages that are creating un-manageable problems downstream.

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