From global cultural experiences to extreme thrills, Indu has traveled all 7 continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. She has traveled, extensively in India, too. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From Gaumukh(source of Ganges) to Gangasagar(the Ganges merge into the sea). From Ladakh Himalayas to Andaman islands.

Blog Published On : 11 Jan 2021 |
  • 11 Jan 2021
  • Indu

Atulyaganga Walkathon

I am a walk lover. I have walked across all the 7 continents. On high altitudes. In sweltering heat. In active volcanoes. Amid dense forests. 
Have walked long distances. Walked all through day and night on several occasions. I never imagined something even bigger and unprecedented walk is waiting to happen …One iconic walk came my way that I was waiting like a dream of my life.



My dream came to reality with this epic Atulya Ganga walk of 6000 km – probably the biggest in the world.
It is called : Mundamaal Ganga Parikarma, This walkathon will be completed in around 9 months.
Cruising ahead on my historic walk, three weeks have gone with more than 600 km distance walked.
Learning, Challenging. Thrilling and Soulful.
Each day is a discovery of unknown India
Each day weaves a new story of rural life on Gangetic plain.



We are six full distance walkers, me and five other walkers; Col RP Pandey, Hiren Patel, Rohit Jat, Rohit Umarao and Shagun Tyagi. And a few young and old join the walk every day to accompany us and support us in our cause of Clean Ganga.
Each morning we embark on our walking journey along the holy Ganga.



No defined route.
Just a google map and the directions by local people.
Leaving our footprints on an uncharted territory.
Creating our own trail.
Through mustard fields on the banks of Ganga. Through dotted villages. Through bamboo jungles.
We even crossed canyon shaped formations along the river Ganga. It has been amazing fun.
Exhilarating feel of adventure.
Immersing in the divinity of holy Ganga.
Inhaling the aroma of pristine nature.
And Inspiring energetic youth.
With smile on face. Love in heart. And fulfilment in inner self.
This is my Atulya Ganga walkathon. Unparalleled….
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