From global cultural experiences to extreme thrills, Indu has traveled all 7 continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. She has traveled, extensively in India, too. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. From Gaumukh(source of Ganges) to Gangasagar(the Ganges merge into the sea). From Ladakh Himalayas to Andaman islands.

Blog Published On : 30 Jan 2021 |
  • 30 Jan 2021
  • Indu

Atulyaganga Walkathon Precious Moments

Walk is a way of living…
The best medium to connect with people.
And to connect with ourselves as well.
This is how I describe my Atulyaganga epic walk, the Mundamaal Ganga Parikarma of 6000 km. I am walking full parikarma along with 5 co-walkers, circumnavigating the holy river Ganga in India.
And many more walkers join in between for different stretches.
Sharing our message of pollution free Ganga with local community.
Assimilating their traditions.
While experiencing their welcoming attitude.
Though each day of walk is an eye opening experience.
But few experiences stand out.
Precious moments…

This post is a pictorial treat of khajoor gur(date palm jaggery) also called as Patali Gur in Bengali.
Come. Relish along with me.

Passing through lush green fields, on the way to Behrampur. Enjoying pleasant weather, though being foggy. Along with my co-walkers, immersed in exotic surroundings, I turned to deep breathing. Suddenly my nostrils filled with distinct aroma in the air. Looked around. Through the massive screen of haze, I got a blurry sight of fire logs. Approached near to catch the attention of people there. Smiled brightly when I saw thick syrup of something sweet. My co-walkers sensed my inquisitiveness. Stopped and let me quench my quest. I approached owner of the place. Introduced us. Told them about our mission. Requested them to explain the whole process of gur making. They happily agreed.
My co-walkers smiled and cherished me being pampered….

Khajoor tree being tucked for the drip

Juice trickling in pot

Delighted having exotic drink

Juice consistency thickened on slow fire

Being briefed how to cudgel

Little quantity of Gur being prepared for my sake while I am asked to keep stirring thick syrup

Hot khajoor gur is ready to be served

My co-walkers though excited initially but got frustrated when found me lost in gur temptation. Told me bluntly they are leaving. I expressed my gratitude to owner and other people of the farm.
Swiftly ran to catch my dear co-walkers with more quantity of gur in banana leaf, holding firmly in my both palms. They laughed loudly while savoring the steaming hot khajoor gur.

Atulyaganga walkathon continues…

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